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What is Fermenting Veggies?

Fermenting Veggies is an online course taught by Me (Danielle Ramirez, founder of, that teaches beginners how to make delicious, probiotic fermented foods.

I'll teach you my simple, safe and easy methods that produce delicious fermented foods every time. I'll cover safe fermentation, how to prevent mold, how to tell if a ferment has gone bad and more.

The fermented veggies you'll learn to make include lacto-fermented pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, sauces, and hot sauce.

In addition to the course videos, you'll have Fermentation Fun Sheets to download that summarize what you learned in each lesson for your quick reference. 

On top of the videos and downloads, I'll be offering tons of support. I know how scary making fermented foods for the first time can be, so if you're not sure your sauerkraut looks right or pickles smell weird, you can ask me. 

I'll be available through email daily, you'll be invited to our private FB group where you can post questions, pictures of your ferments and help each other out. Finally, I'll be giving weekly live Q&As over the duration of the course to help you out even more :)

Weekly Video Tutorials

Module 1 Safety And Prep


Safety & Prep

Learn why fermentation is safe, how to tell when a ferment has gone bad, ways to prevent mold and tips on making the best fermented foods.


Brine Pickling aka How To Make Pickles  

This module will teach you everything you need to know to make probiotic, lacto-fermented pickles. I'll cover the tools you'll need, how to tell they're fermenting, tips for crunchy pickles and the common mistakes and how to avoid them.



In this module I'll teach you everything you need to know to make probiotic rich sauerkraut. I'll cover the tools you need, how to tell it's fermenting, my tips on making the best sauerkraut and the common mistakes when making sauerkraut and how to avoid them.



I'll teach you the methods for making kimchi, the tools you need, tips on making the best kimchi and more.


How To Make Fermented Sauces & Hot Sauce 

I'll go over my methods for making a variety of fermented sauces, condiments and hot sauces. 

Downloadable Fermentation Fun Sheets

These worksheets make it super easy to keep track of notes. They include a summary of what you learned in each lesson, recipe guides, and tips.

You'll Get Tons Of Support

I know how scary and hard fermenting foods can be, so I'm offering you tons of support to answer your questions and help troubleshoot any problems that may happen. 

  • Weekly Live Q&As
  • Email Support
  • Private FB Group

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is for you if...

  • You’re new to making fermented foods. 
  • You’ve made fermented foods before but didn’t like the results. They didn’t taste good or turn out right.
  • You want to learn to make a variety of fermented foods. Maybe you have making sauerkraut down, but want to learn to make pickles and other fermented foods.
  • You’ve thought about making fermented foods, but didn’t know how to start. 

Who Should NOT Take This Course?

This course may NOT be for you if you’ve been making sauerkraut and other fermented foods for awhile now and like the results you’ve been getting.  

Here's what people say about my methods...

“Thank you so much for the support and encouragement! This is all new to me. I started my first sauerkraut in January, just a jar full and I was so surprised that it worked. It is amazing how easy it is!! I had no idea. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and your wonderful, easy recipes. -Phyllis”  

“So happy I found you and your site :) My biggest challenge is getting started! I have the equipment, but lacked direction. Your challenge is just what I need to dive in....Many thanks! - Dianne  

“Thank you! I'm loving how clear and simple your methods are. Brilliant idea using the cabbage core and outer leaves to help keep the cabbage shreds covered in liquid” -Pam  

"Hello Danielle! Thanks immensely for teaching me how to ferment foods! I have carrots pickling and began my first batch of sauerkraut. I am so excited about this! " -Cece  

"Thank you for teaching me to ferment! We love the crunchy cucumber pickles. I have to make them every other week. Store bought are for emergency only!" -Irene